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Go from digital zero to marketing hero and easily create complex websites like Amazon, Facebook, OLX & more.



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Our Course Includes:

What Do You Get From This Course?

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In this course, you’ll learn the latest digital marketing tools like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and website analysis tools like Google Analytics.


Whether you need a business website or social media public profiles for digital marketing, you’ll learn to create those too in this course.


This is a complete course… not like others that give you a few introductory lessons and ask you to enroll in full courses costing ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 after a few introductory lessons.

In this single course, you’ll get complete, easily understandable practical video lessons.


  • 🌐 Digital Marketing Concepts
  • 🔍 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • 📱 Social Media Marketing
  • 💻 Website Designing Without Coding
  • 🔄 Marketing Automation
  • 🛍️ Affiliate Marketing
  • 📣 Facebook Ads
  • 🔎 Google Ads
  • 💸 Google AdSense
  • 📊 Google Analytics
  • ✉️ Email Marketing

…and much more!


Yes, all this in one single course at just ₹415 only.

After learning this course, you can make any type of website… for yourself, for a friend or relative’s business, or start your own website designing business… By creating websites with digital marketing skills, you can also grow your business.


FREE BONUS worth ₹5,000

🎁 1st FREE Bonus:

Free Web Server Hosting with CMS


To design a website without coding, you need to rent a website hosting server with CMS.


We provide you an exclusive CMS server absolutely free for thirty days.


No one has a CMS server ready for practical learning of website designing without coding… so usually, you only get to watch videos in other similar courses. But we want you not just to watch videos, but to practically learn building a website… that’s why we give you a CMS server for practice.


If you need the website you create on this practice server for future reference, we will provide you with a backup file of your website on request… which you can use to make your website live whenever you get your own server. You won’t get a free CMS server for practice in any other course.

🎁 Second Bonus:

Free step-by-step website design reference guides… follow them to build complex websites without coding.


Reference videos are available in easy-to-understand English and Hindi languages that will allow you to create following types of complex websites:


📖 Business listing or directory websites like Justdial or IndiaMART


💼 Job posting websites like Naukri or LinkedIn


🖋️ Affiliate marketing or blogging websites


💼 Freelancing micro job websites like Fiverr or Freelancer


💑 Matrimonial websites like


🏫 School management websites with attendance, fees, and timetable features


🏨 Tours and travels and hotel booking websites


🌐 Social network and community websites like Facebook


💰 Money-making blogs with AdSense, affiliate, and email marketing


🎓 LMS online course educational websites like Udemy


🛒 Online stores websites like Amazon or Flipkart


🌟 Business and services review websites like Trustpilot


❓ Q&A forum websites like Quora


📦 Classified ads websites like OLX


📥 Digital downloadable products websites


🏡 Real estate listing and directory websites


🍲 Food delivery and restaurant booking websites


📅 Appointment booking websites for doctors, lawyers, spas, and beauty parlors


… and learn to create any type of complex website easily.

Limited Time Offer... Get It For Only ₹415!

Sample Lesson Videos

Limited Time Offer... Get It For Only ₹415!

Course Lessons

  1. What is Digital Marketing
  2. Understand Customer Persona
  3. What is Inbound Marketing
  4. What is SEO
  5. More about SEO
  6. What is Social Media Marketing
  7. How to design a Website without Coding
  8. Enter the World of Digital Automation
  9. Understand Marketing Automation
  10. What is Affiliate Marketing
  1. Introduction to Facebook Ads
  2. How to setup Facebook Business Manager Account
  3. Setting up an Ad
  4. How to setup Facebook Pixel
  5. Manage the Products Catalogue on Facebook
  6. What are Custom Conversions
  7. Understanding Audience Insights
  8. What are Facebook Lead Ads
  9. How to spy on your competitor
  10. Guidelines for Facebook Marketing Strategy
  1. Google Ads Course Orientation
  2. How to setup Google Ads Account
  3. Google Ad Campaigns
  4. How to set the right Keywords
  5. How to setup a Search Ad
    Using Ad Extensions
  6. How to setup a Display Ad
  7. What are Banner Ads
  8. Understanding Bidding Strategies
  9. Keep an eye on the Competitors
  1. Marketing Automation Course Orientation
  2. How to setup Marketing Automation Account
  3. Create a Marketing Automation Workflow
  4. Build a Sales Funnel
  5. Add Sales Page to the Sales Funnel
  6. Sales Funnel Activation
  7. Adding Order Form to the Sales Page
  8. Add Automated Email Response to the Order Form
  9. Add Order Confirmation Page
  10. Customised Automation
  11. Build a custom automation workflow from scratch without template
  12. Connect the Automation Tool with website to increase web traffic
  13. Summary
  1. What is Search Engine Optimization and Types of SEOs
  2. How does SEO work
  3. Building SEO Strategy
  4. The process of Effective Keyword Research
  5. FREE SEO Plug-in for the website
  6. Understanding key features of the SEO Plug-in
  7. How to write SEO-friendly articles
  8. Checklist to follow when writing SEO-friendly articles
  9. Essentials of a SEO-friendly articles
  10. Types of Links
  11. Off-Page SEO Techniques
  12. Some more beneficial Off-Page SEO Techniques
  13. Technical SEO Techniques
  14. What is Schema
  15. Connect website to the Google Search Console
  1. Introduction to Website Designing without Coding
  2. How to buy a domain name
  3. Make the website secured and trust-worthy for customers
  4. Understanding Website Back-end Dashboard
  5. Use a Theme to get the website up & running in a few minutes
  6. Get to know the Theme options
  7. Essential Woo-commerce Settings
  8. Setting up GST Tax System in Woo-commerce
  9. Setup email responder for Woo-commerce orders
  10. Learn about the best No-Code Page Builder – Elementor
  11. Build a Theme with Elementor
  12. Build Pop-ups with Elementor
  13. Customising Woo-commerce Front-end
  14. Expand Woo-commerce functionality for customer delight
  1. Introduction to Automation Tool
  2. Automated connection between the Lead Form and the Email
  3. Automate saving Instamojo Sales Records in Google Sheets
  4. Send automated SMS to clients
  5. Automate sharing website blog posts to Facebook
  6. Inter-connect multiple automated workflows
  7. Using filters in automated workflows
  8. If-Then conditional automated workflows
  9. Connecting website with Google Sheets
  10. Connecting Woo-commerce with Facebook Page
  11. Lookup respective fields for automated update
  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. How to select your Niche
  3. How to buy a domain name and web hosting service
  4. How to install SSL certificate to make your website secured
  5. How to create website and list products to promote
  6. How to make your affiliate marketing website legally compliant
  7. Adding legal compliance pages to the menu and footer
  8. How to add more content to the website
  9. How to prepare SEO-friendly content
  10. How to get your Affiliate Marketing Account
  11. Browse and get product links to promote from Affiliate Account
  12. Automate product linking from Affiliate Account to Website
  13. Increase traffic to your website using Facebook Ads
  14. How to do Affiliate Marketing for Services (not Products)

Limited Time Offer... Get It For Only ₹415!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge.

You will get lifetime access to full course videos.

A team of digital marketing specialists and experts have composed this course based on current day tactics and their real-world professional experience.
You will learn how each major digital channel functions, how to build multi-channel campaigns and the basics of conversion optimization. These pillars of marketing can easily boost your ROI considerably.
If your experience is focused on a single marketing channel or a single type of activity, yes! Learning how the rest of your marketing ecosystem works can yield great results and optimization opportunities.

After This Course, You Will Be Able To

  • Understand Domain and Hosting
  • Install WordPress Like a Pro
  • Launch Your Website/Landing Page/e-commerce store
  • Customize Your Theme as per your Need
  • Explore Plugins and Advanced Features
  • Create High-Converting Landing Pages
  • Backup Your Website Regularly
  • Optimize the Speed of Website
  • Earn as a Freelancer
  • Setup and scale ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads
  • Use Google Analytics to view website statistics

All video lessons are available in Hindi language.

Limited Time Offer... Get It For Only ₹415!

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