🌟 Become a Google Workspace Maestro! πŸŽ“

The KLiC Google Workspace Expert offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the entire Google Workspace ecosystem. Designed to empower learners with a diverse skill set, this course covers a wide range of tools and applications that are integral to modern digital productivity and collaboration.

Are you ready to master the digital tools that power the modern workplace? Our comprehensive Google Workspace course is designed to transform you into a productivity powerhouse, whether you’re a student eager to get ahead or a professional looking to streamline your workflow. πŸš€

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Gain mastery over the entire Google Workspace suite with our detailed modules that cover Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Ads, and more. πŸ“§πŸ—‚οΈπŸ“Š
  • Hands-On Experience: Get practical experience with real-world projects and case studies that will prepare you for any challenge. πŸ’ΌπŸ”
  • Expert Instructors: Course is designed by experts from MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.) πŸ§‘β€πŸ«πŸ‘©β€πŸ«
  • Career Advancement: Boost your resume and LinkedIn profile with a Government recognized course completion certificate awarded by MKCL and YCMOU (Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University). πŸ“ˆπŸ’
Course Highlights
  • 120+ Hours of Content: Our curriculum is packed with actionable insights and tips to make you a Google Workspace wizard. ⏱️✨
  • Flexible Schedule: Access course materials anytime, anywhere, and learn at your own pace with our user-friendly platform. πŸ•’πŸŒ
  • Affordable Learning: We are offering this premium course, valued at β‚Ή18,990, for an unbeatable price of just β‚Ή6,000! πŸ’ΈπŸŽ
What Will You Learn?
  • Email Mastery: Manage your inbox like a pro with advanced Gmail techniques. πŸ“¬
  • Data Analysis: Unlock the power of data with Google Sheets and Data Studio. πŸ“Š
  • Digital Marketing: Drive traffic and sales with Google Ads and Analytics. πŸ“ˆ
  • Cloud Computing: Harness the cloud for collaboration and innovation with Google Cloud and AI tools. β˜οΈπŸ€–
Google Workspace Montage

and a lot more…

  • Google Workspace – Basics
  • Gmail Account
  • Google Search
  • Google Drive
  • Google Chat
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Tasks
  • Google Keep
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Meet
  • Google Jamboard
  • Google Looker (Data Studio)
  • Google Photos
  • Google News
  • Google Sites
  • Google Books
  • Google Blogger
  • Google Ads
  • Google Podcasts
  • Google Trend
  • Google Travel
  • Google Lens
  • Google Assistant
  • Google One
  • Google Currents
  • Google Maps
  • Google Play store
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Workspace Marketplace
  • YouTube and YouTube for Creators
  • Google Fit
  • Gboard – the Google Keyboard
  • Google Translate – Text & Documents (Website, Extension & Mobile App)
  • Google Input Tools
  • Google Cloud-Natural Language AI
  • Google Chrome – Language & Translate webpages
  • Google Chrome – Dictionary and Read & Write Extension
  • Google Search – look for results in your native/any language.
  • Google Docs – Voice typing & translate
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Bard
  • Google Sky Map
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Earth
  • Google Chromebook
  • Google Messages
  • Google Apps Script
  • Lumin PDF
  • Wrike
  • Docusign

The course then progresses through various Google productivity tools such as Google Calendar, Tasks, and Keep, providing a solid foundation for effective time management and task tracking. Learners will gain expertise in the use of Google’s web browser, Chrome, with insights into advanced browsing features and customization options.The course places a strong emphasis on document creation and collaboration, covering Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms extensively. Additionally, it explores multimedia tools like Google Photos and News for effective content management and consumption.

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10 Softskills


Vocational Soft-Skills Course

Course Fees: β‚Ή5,000
You Pay: β‚Ή5,000 β‚Ή0

This course has been designed especially for young individuals who want to acquire Soft Skills including Communication Skills; leading to or resulting into personal effectiveness at the globally accepted beginner/basic level.

Ensuring job readiness or workplace readiness for an effective and successful professional, social and personal life!

  • Our lives are driven by Technology. Be it any field, technology is inevitable. As the technology advances, it creates demand in every field. We need special skill set for professional as well as personal life.
  • Soft Skills are needed to survive in the changing times. If practiced, could make you an efficient individual.
  • The course promotes vital skills like personal competence, interpersonal relations, understanding, communication skills and self-help tools. Also has Professional skills like presentation skills, time management, decision making, workplace ethics, conflict management, stress management and customer relationship management.

This course will make you job-ready and the best choice for employers


8-in-1 Digital Marketing Course

Course Fees: β‚Ή10,000
You Pay: β‚Ή10,000 β‚Ή0

Digital Marketing is a branch of marketing that involves technologies like internet, computers, and mobile phones for online promotions of the products and services. It is a well-targeted, conversion-oriented, and interactive marketing approach to reach the potential customers and transform them into clients. The purpose of digital marketing is to promote your business in the online world to reach the right audience.

Recent studies show that Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector in the tech industry. This course is designed to make you a digital marketing pro.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert with this course bundle that has 8 courses with easy-to-understand 95+ video lessons in Hindi language.

> Instant Access to the Course that includesΒ pre-recorded video course bundle with 95+ lessons on:

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course
  2. Facebook Ads Course
  3. Google Ads, Analytics & AdSense Course
  4. Marketing Automation with Email and Social-Media Course
  5. Search Engine Optimization Course
  6. No-code Website Designing Course
  7. Automated Process Workflows Course
  8. Affiliate Marketing Course
01 Digitalmarketing
05 Facebookads
06 Googleads
07 Marketingautomation
09 Seo
08 Nocodewebdesign
03 Automatedprocessworkflows
02 Affiliatemarketing
04 Digitalbusiness


Digital Business Setup Guide

Value Worth: β‚Ή5,000
You Pay: β‚Ή5,000 β‚Ή0

Get guidance & references to complete step-by-step tutorials to create more than 15 different types of complex websites including:

  • Business Listing or Directory Website like JustDial or IndiaMart
  • Job Posting Website like Naukri or LinkedIn
  • Affiliate Marketing or Blogging Website
  • Freelancing or Micro Jobs Website like Fiverr or Freelancer
  • Matrimonial Website like Shaadi.com
  • School Management Website with Attendance, Fees, Timetable and More Features
  • Tours & Travels and Hotel Booking Website
  • Social Media Network & Community Website like Facebook
  • Money-making Blog with AdSense, Affiliate & Email Marketing
  • Online Course, LMS (Learning Management System), Educational Website like Udemy
  • eCommerce Online Store like Flipkart or Amazon
  • Business & Services Review Website like TrustPilot
  • Website for Church, Masjid, Religious Organization
  • Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Website like Amazon & FlipKart
  • Questions & Answers Q&A, Forum Website like Quora
  • Classified Ads Listing Website like OLX & JustDial
  • Digital Downloadable Products Selling Multi-Vendor eCommerce
  • Real Estate Listing & Directory Website
  • Food Delivery & Restaurant Booking Website
  • Appointment booking Website for Doctors, Lawyers, Spa & Beauty Parlors, Restaurants, Barber etc.

You also get ready guidance on:

  • How to setup custom or personalised professional email absolutely FREE
  • How to design a logo
  • Websites to get FREE stock images for commercial business use
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Facebook
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Instagram
  • Setup social media profile page for business on LinkedIn
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Twitter
  • Setup YouTube channel for a business
  • Setup & verify business profile on Google My Business

Know Your Mentor


The course video lessons are designed by industry experts from Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL).

MKCL is the pioneer in computer education with its flagship course running since 20+ years now and created more than 1 crore 40 lakh IT literates.

Highly experienced teams considered the market trends and current industry requirements while they created this course structure. MKCL is a benchmark brand in the IT Industry and trusted by the Maharashtra Govt. for all IT Management Projects.


Once you pay the fees, you will be required to fill a form with KYC details for Government Recognised Certification.

Using these details, we generate your login credentials and share with you.

You will need the MKCL ERA Live App to learn this course that needs to be installed on your computer/laptop or smartphone.

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Course content is of 120 hours that ideally gets completed within 2 months.

Final exam is online and might take up to 1 hour.

Please see below the EVALUATION PATTERN