Become PRO in Using Microsoft Excel Basics if You Have Never Even Seen Excel Before at just ₹497 in Less Time than You Spend Watching a Movie

Never ever worked on Microsoft Excel before but want to start using Excel?

You are aware of the importance of Microsoft Excel at the workplace and so want to learn how to start using it for database management?

Want to get started with Excel just so that you can one day be able to create insightful analytical reports?

Wanted to enrol on an Advanced Excel Course but wondering if that would be difficult for you as you have never worked on Excel before.

If you answered YES to one of the above questions and are looking to get started with Microsoft Excel then you have come to the right place!


Here we bring The Basic Excel PRO Course to You

APPLY NOW for this course where you will start your journey to learn Microsoft Excel with easy-to-understand bite-sized self-pace learning videos.

Course Minimum Value Worth is ₹4,000 but We Offer You Lifetime Access to this Course at a Fees of…

Just ₹497

At this nominal fee, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding Microsoft Excel user interface and how to create a new workbook
  • How to enter text and numbers to create our data
  • How to use formulas & functions
  • What are relative and absolute cell referencing
  • How the Autofill feature helps us to save our time
  • How to format text to make the database look awesome
  • How to format numbers to make them easy to understand
  • How to format dates or times
  • How to manage columns
  • How to manage rows
  • How freeze panes help us to read headers of large datasets
  • How to apply borders and background fill colour
  • How to create charts to visualize our data
  • How to add more details to the charts
  • How to print workbooks

If you want to learn Advanced Excel then please CLICK HERE to enrol for the MKCL’s KLiC Advanced Excel Course and get this Basic Excel PRO Course absolutely FREE

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