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Our Advanced Excel Online Course has been meticulously designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the software’s most powerful features, enabling you to:

  • Analyze and interpret complex data sets
  • Create stunning visualizations and interactive dashboards
  • Automate repetitive tasks to save time and effort
  • Master advanced formulas and functions to tackle any data challenge

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Why Choose Our Advanced Excel Online Course?

Comprehensive and Cutting-Edge Content

Our curriculum has been meticulously designed to cover all aspects of advanced Excel, from complex formulas and functions to data analysis, pivot tables, and more. We ensure you stay ahead of the game by continually updating our content to reflect the latest advancements in Excel.

Expert Support

We are committed to your success. Our live support team of Excel experts is available to assist you with any queries and ensure a seamless learning experience.

Flexible Learning

Our course is available 24/7, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. Our user-friendly platform is designed to make learning engaging and enjoyable, with quizzes, interactive exercises, and real-world examples to cement your knowledge.

Govt. Recognised Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate from MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.), which serves as a powerful testament to your new skills and expertise. We also give you marksheet validated by YCMOU.

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Learn to Use ChatGPT Ai for Excel Automation

Our Microsoft Excel Expert Guest Lecturer, Mithun Matkar, trains our students to use ChatGPT & Ai to automate complex tasks. There are several important reasons to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in automating complex Microsoft Excel tasks:

  1. Time-saving: Automating complex tasks in Excel with AI can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry and analysis. This can allow businesses to be more efficient and productive, as well as enabling employees to focus on more high-value tasks.

  2. Increased accuracy: AI can reduce errors and mistakes in complex Excel tasks by automating repetitive processes and calculations. This can lead to more accurate and reliable data, which is crucial for making informed business decisions.

  3. Scalability: As businesses grow and their data processing needs become more complex, AI can provide a scalable solution that can handle larger volumes of data and more intricate calculations.

  4. Enhanced decision-making: By automating complex Excel tasks with AI, businesses can gain valuable insights into their data and make more informed decisions. AI can provide predictive analytics and data visualization tools that allow businesses to better understand their data and identify trends and patterns.

  5. Competitive advantage: By using AI to automate complex Excel tasks, businesses can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. This is especially true for businesses that rely heavily on data analysis to make decisions, as AI can provide a more sophisticated and efficient solution than traditional manual methods.

Overall, the use of AI in automating complex Excel tasks can provide significant benefits to businesses, including time savings, increased accuracy, scalability, enhanced decision-making, and a competitive advantage… and you get to learn it all at Digital Guru Computer Training Institute

The contents covered in this course such as...
Using Custom Layouts & Formats
Conditional Formatting
Using Advanced Formulas
Using Scenarios
Creating Advanced-level Pivot Tables & Charts
Managing & Sharing Workbooks for Team Collaboration
Data Visualisation with Analysis & more...
... are usually packaged in a course value of ₹15,000.

With these major Advanced Excel Course Contents, we provide you with the following 



  • Introduction to Typing
  • Keyboarding
  • Ergonomic Typing
  • Introduction to Data Management
  • How do professionals organize their data?
  • Meta Data and Big Data
  • Freelance Data Entry Jobs



  • Use of Macros
  • Using Data Tables
    Create Dashboard using Pivot Table
  • Using Power Query



  • Working with Google Sheets
  • Working with Google Forms
  • Working with Google Keep
  • Using Writer
  • Using Calc
  • Using Komprehend
  • Using Google Data Studio
  • Using Komprehend
  • What is a DBMS and its purpose?
  • Types of DBMS
  • Examples of DBMS – MySQL, Oracle, etc.





₹4,997 ONLY

📚 Sample Training Video Lessons 🎥



Vocational Soft-Skills Course

Course Fees: ₹5,000
You Pay: ₹5,000 ₹0

This course has been designed especially for young individuals who want to acquire Soft Skills including Communication Skills; leading to or resulting into personal effectiveness at the globally accepted beginner/basic level.

Ensuring job readiness or workplace readiness for an effective and successful professional, social and personal life!

  • Our lives are driven by Technology. Be it any field, technology is inevitable. As the technology advances, it creates demand in every field. We need special skill set for professional as well as personal life.
  • Soft Skills are needed to survive in the changing times. If practiced, could make you an efficient individual.
  • The course promotes vital skills like personal competence, interpersonal relations, understanding, communication skills and self-help tools. Also has Professional skills like presentation skills, time management, decision making, workplace ethics, conflict management, stress management and customer relationship management.

This course will make you job-ready and the best choice for employers


8-in-1 Digital Marketing Course

Course Fees: ₹10,000
You Pay: ₹10,000 ₹0

Digital Marketing is a branch of marketing that involves technologies like internet, computers, and mobile phones for online promotions of the products and services. It is a well-targeted, conversion-oriented, and interactive marketing approach to reach the potential customers and transform them into clients. The purpose of digital marketing is to promote your business in the online world to reach the right audience.

Recent studies show that Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector in the tech industry. This course is designed to make you a digital marketing pro.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert with this course bundle that has 8 courses with easy-to-understand 95+ video lessons in Hindi language.

> Instant Access to the Course that includes pre-recorded video course bundle with 95+ lessons on:

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course
  2. Facebook Ads Course
  3. Google Ads, Analytics & AdSense Course
  4. Marketing Automation with Email and Social-Media Course
  5. Search Engine Optimization Course
  6. No-code Website Designing Course
  7. Automated Process Workflows Course
  8. Affiliate Marketing Course


Digital Business Setup Guide

Value Worth: ₹5,000
You Pay: ₹5,000 ₹0

Get guidance & references to complete step-by-step tutorials to create more than 15 different types of complex websites including:

  • Business Listing or Directory Website like JustDial or IndiaMart
  • Job Posting Website like Naukri or LinkedIn
  • Affiliate Marketing or Blogging Website
  • Freelancing or Micro Jobs Website like Fiverr or Freelancer
  • Matrimonial Website like
  • School Management Website with Attendance, Fees, Timetable and More Features
  • Tours & Travels and Hotel Booking Website
  • Social Media Network & Community Website like Facebook
  • Money-making Blog with AdSense, Affiliate & Email Marketing
  • Online Course, LMS (Learning Management System), Educational Website like Udemy
  • eCommerce Online Store like Flipkart or Amazon
  • Business & Services Review Website like TrustPilot
  • Website for Church, Masjid, Religious Organization
  • Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Website like Amazon & FlipKart
  • Questions & Answers Q&A, Forum Website like Quora
  • Classified Ads Listing Website like OLX & JustDial
  • Digital Downloadable Products Selling Multi-Vendor eCommerce
  • Real Estate Listing & Directory Website
  • Food Delivery & Restaurant Booking Website
  • Appointment booking Website for Doctors, Lawyers, Spa & Beauty Parlors, Restaurants, Barber etc.

You also get ready guidance on:

  • How to setup custom or personalised professional email absolutely FREE
  • How to design a logo
  • Websites to get FREE stock images for commercial business use
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Facebook
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Instagram
  • Setup social media profile page for business on LinkedIn
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Twitter
  • Setup YouTube channel for a business
  • Setup & verify business profile on Google My Business

Know Your Mentor

The course video lessons are designed by industry experts from Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL).

MKCL is the pioneer in computer education with its flagship course running since 20+ years now and created more than 1 crore 40 lakh IT literates.

Highly experienced teams considered the market trends and current industry requirements while they created this course structure. MKCL is a benchmark brand in the IT Industry and trusted by the Maharashtra Govt. for all IT Management Projects.

In case you have any queries during your course, please send an email to OR WhatsApp message us on 99300-81901. All your queries will be resolved to your satisfaction.

Excel skills are as important as the subject knowledge. Those who know Excel can find a better paying job. An Excel Expert collects, edits, analyses data, creates data bases and reports. The conclusions made by the data expert are helpful for organizations to forecast the business speculations.


Highly recommended to MBA students as it covers 94% syllabus of MBA Subject ‘MS Excel and Advanced Excel Lab’



Course explainer videos available in English, Hindi & Marathi Languages.

The course focuses on practical knowledge and application. The aim is to make the learner efficient and to offer him or her rewarding career.


Once you pay the fees, you receive a call from us to request a few details required for Government Recognised Certification.

Using these details, we generate your login credentials and share with you.

You will need the MKCL ERA Live App to learn this course that needs to be installed on your computer/laptop or smartphone.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to know more details about the MKCL ERA Live App

Not required. We share with you a short basic Excel course absolutely FREE that helps you to get started.



Basics of Data Management

  • Introduction to Data Management
  • How do professionals organize their data?
  • Meta Data and Big Data
  • Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Introduction to Computer Typing & Data Entry

  • Introduction to Typing
  • Keyboarding
  • Ergonomic Typing


Introduction to Various Typing Methods

  • Using different types of keys and symbols in typing
  • Google Docs
  • Voice Typing
  • Lipikaar App


Introduction to Data Analysis

  • Using different types of keys and symbols in typing
  • Google Docs – Voice Typing
  • Lipikaar App
  • Text Formulas
  • Text Manipulation Functions


Applying Custom Formats & Layouts

  • Apply Custom Data Formats
  • Use Advanced Fill Options
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
  • Apply Custom Styles and Templates
  • Use Form Controls
  • Prepare Workbooks for Internationalization
  • Use Outlines
  • Use Custom Views


Create Advanced Charts

  • Basic Excel Charts
  • Use Area, Scatter & Stock Charts
  • Use Surface, Radar & Combination Charts
  • Create Custom Chart Templates
  • Work with Sparkline’s


Pivot Tables & Charts

  • Pivot Tables
  • Use Pivot Charts
  • Create Dashboard using Pivot Table
  • Using Power Query


Data Visualisation & Data Analysis

  • Use of Macros
  • Using Data Tables


Using Scenarios

  • Use What-If Analysis Tools
  • Create Scenarios
  • Merge Scenarios
  • Create Scenario Summaries
  • Use Data Tables


Manage and Share Workbooks

  • Manage Workbook Versions
  • Copy Styles within Workbooks
  • Copy Macros within Workbooks
  • Use Track Changes and Comments
  • Merge Workbooks
  • Protect Workbooks for Sharing
  • Connect To External Data


Advanced Formulas

  • Functions
  • Apply functions in formulas
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Financial functions
  • Useful Data Functions
  • Some Other Useful Functions
  • Look up data by using functions
  • Apply advanced date and time functions
  • Functions for Manipulating Text
  • Arrays


Open-Source Tools for Data Management

  • Working with Google Sheets
  • Working with Google Forms
  • Working with Google Keep
  • Using Writer
  • Using Calc
  • Using Komprehend
  • Using Google Data Studio


Introduction to DBMS

  • What is a DBMS and its purpose?
  • Types of DBMS
  • Examples of DBMS – MySQL, Oracle, etc.

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