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The world has become Digital that has forced the businesses to get online. Even the local grocery shop is trying to make some kind of digital presence via accepting orders on WhatsApp or other social media channels and providing home delivery services to customers.

This is leading to a huge demand for website design services in the market where there is a need to get a website created for the business at the lowest possible cost.

In this blog, we share with you a framework that you can follow to get start your own website design services business even if you do not know how to design websites.

The knowledge of coding or complicated programming languages is necessary to create websites is what everyone believes.

But with all the latest technology & tools that we have today, there are resources that help us to create websites without the need of coding.

Digital Guru is here to help you learn these skills and successfully get started with your own website design services freelance business.


To sell the website design services, first thing you need is obviously the skills to design websites.

Digital Guru brings you the Website Designing without Coding short online course where you will learn to create more than 15 types of most common but complex websites without writing a single line of code.

The course has references to step-by-step complete tutorials that enable you to create the entire website in just one day. The types of websites that you can successfully create includes:

  • Business Listing or Directory Website like JustDial or IndiaMart
  • Job Posting Website like Naukri or LinkedIn
  • Affiliate Marketing or Blogging Website
  • Freelancing or Micro Jobs Website like Fiverr or Freelancer
  • Matrimonial Website like
  • School Management Website with Attendance, Fees, Timetable and More Features
  • Tours & Travels and Hotel Booking Website
  • Social Media Network & Community Website like Facebook
  • Money-making Blog with AdSense, Affiliate & Email Marketing
  • Online Course, LMS (Learning Management System), Educational Website like Udemy
  • eCommerce Online Store like Flipkart or Amazon
  • Business & Services Review Website like TrustPilot
  • Website for Church, Masjid, Religious Organization
  • Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Website like Amazon & FlipKart
  • Questions & Answers Q&A, Forum Website like Quora
  • Classified Ads Listing Website like OLX & JustDial
  • Digital Downloadable Products Selling Multi-Vendor eCommerce
  • Real Estate Listing & Directory Website
  • Food Delivery & Restaurant Booking Website
  • Appointment booking Website for Doctors, Lawyers, Spa & Beauty Parlors, Restaurants, Barber etc.

With this exhaustive list of websites, you will gain confidence to create almost any type of website and cater to as many clients you can get.


With the FREE Bonus Module Lessons included in the course, you get to learn value-added services that you can offer complimentary to your website design services and impress your clients.

At the cost of website creation, you will be able to offer add-on services like:

  • Setup custom or personalised professional email FREE
  • Design a logo
  • Get a landing page without web hosting server to use for Facebook or Google Ads.
  • FREE stock images for commercial business use
  • Setup social media profile page for business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Setup YouTube channel for a business
  • Setup & verify business profile on Google My Business

These value add-ons will blow the minds of your clients when they get them as FREE services with a professionally designed high-quality website.

Digital Guru’s Website Designing without Coding Course helps you to learn everything mentioned above at the course fees of ₹299 only. Click here for more details and enroll now.


Once you get confident with your business, you will need more and more clients to serve and earn a lot of money.

This is where, you can get help from MKCL’s KLiC Digital Freelancing Course as it helps you to present yourself the right way in the world of freelancing and acquire trust within the client’s community that consequently will get you increased number of clients.

If you have any skillset other than website designing and are wondering how to get started with freelancing and enter the freelancing world to earn money, then MKCL’s KLiC Digital Freelancing Course can give you a good quick start for the same and help you become your own boss 😎

Please call or WhatsApp 9930081901 if you have any queries.

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