MS-CIT Course – What We Learn and Why is it Important?

Learn 200+ Digital Skills with MS-CIT

This is in continuation to our previous article where we explained why a basic computer course is not enough for a job in the digital world and MS-CIT should be the right choice.

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Here we list the features why we present MS-CIT as a world-class comprehensive computer course enabling you to become career-ready for the digital world.

As we mentioned, working from home doesn’t give you a dedicated IT Team Support like we get when we work in an office.

At such times, you will need to resolve minor hardware issues related to your computer system on your own.

You cannot do that unless you have information about its system hardware configuration.

Well, as a learner of the MS-CIT course, you start right from these basics.

MS-CIT will make you understand what hardware parts are used in the computer and laptops.

It explains the usage & importance of each component with images & engaging videos that enables you to become competent of choosing the perfect computer hardware as per your daily usage requirements.

Once you purchase the hardware of your computer, the next important thing is the OS (Operating System).

MS-CIT not just provides information on the various operating systems available in the market but helps you get started with the most widely used OS in the world which is the Microsoft’s Windows OS.

How the computer powers on, how the OS is loaded, how we can work around the user interface, how we create & save files and where are they saved, how can we copy & share the files using pen drives, external hard disks or what are the instant online file sharing options that we can use; are some of the many questions that the MS-CIT course answers which are just the basic needs of becoming an IT user.

The next major job requirement is obviously the Microsoft Office applications.

The MS-CIT course will make you a pro in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.

Microsoft Office Applications

Word is the document processing application of Microsoft.

We get into the world of jobs with an interview and the first thing with which we can impress the employer is our resume. Word is the application that helps us create Resumes.

Digital Guru Computer Training Institute will show you ways of creating not just a visually beautiful & attractive resume but also one which is powerfully loaded with your vital information to make your first impression the best impression while we learn it together in the MS-CIT course.

We also learn to create long documents with appropriate formatting features, sending a letter with common content to a larger audience which is popularly known as mass mailing and other key features of Word.

As we keep working at our workplace, we also need to record & report our work to our managers that highlights the efforts & our capabilities which helps us prove our growth potential.

This is when Excel comes in.

Recording day-to-day data and creating beautiful & easy-to-understand reports that enables our managers to take insightful decisions is what the MS-CIT course helps us to learn in Excel.

Formulas, charts, pivot tables & graphs, data validation rules, and the list of Excel learnings with MS-CIT just keeps on going on & on.

Meetings is something what comes to our mind whenever we talk about office and there’s hardly a meeting that doesn’t have a presentation.

The MS-CIT course trains us on PowerPoint, the presentation designing application of Microsoft.

Along with the functions of PowerPoint, Digital Guru Computer Training Institute will help you learn the DOs & DON’Ts of a good presentation that can make a lasting impact on your audience.

Corporates & offices use Microsoft’s Outlook application as the medium of formal communication within the employees.

In the MS-CIT course, we learn sending & receiving mails using Outlook, creating & accepting meeting requests, or even proposing your desired time of meeting.

Getting reminders for our meetings, managing our to-do lists so we do not forget to work on important tasks, managing personal & official contacts list are some of the features of Outlook that we learn in the MS-CIT course.

The Suite of Digital Tools to Work in the Digital World

Working with digital tools is the most important requirement of the digital world.

There’s a necessity now to know how to use Google Workspace & Microsoft 365.

Job interviews are done online now-a-days that requires us to know not just how to use online video conferencing applications like Google Meet & Zoom but also the best practices & ethics we need to follow during such online sessions.

Collaborating online with larger teams to work together on a single file at the same time is also an important time-saving skill.

The MS-CIT course gives you a sneak peek at all these digital tools.

The List of MS-CIT Learnings is Not Over Yet

With all the above-mentioned most important learnings, the MS-CIT course also provides information on more than two hundred digital skills including the following:

Typing Skills

Scientific method of errorless typing in English/Devanagari (Marathi/ Hindi)

21st Century Job Skills

Knowledge of Office Automation tools to work effectively and smartly at workplace

21st Century Daily Life Skills Websites and Apps

For managing and living a better quality of life with the help of various mobile apps and websites

21st Century Citizenship Skills

To become a responsible citizen and avail various Government Services/Schemes

21st Century Study Skills

Transform to style of studying in 21st Century and getting its benefits to the fullest

IT Concepts and General Awareness

Various Information Technology Concepts and Awareness about inventions and discoveries


Norms of using computer in a healthy way

Scripting Skills

Literacy about various novice friendly programming languages


Etiquettes for decent behaviour in the Cyber world

Cybersecurity Skills

To educate about risks in the cyber world, and best practices for maintaining safety and security

That’s how with such a comprehensive list of learnings, the MS-CIT course empowers you with digital skills to take over the digital world.

It Doesn’t End Here 😉

With the Job-Readiness module of MS-CIT, you even get to know the range of career possibilities available to you.

Opportunities are listed with the expected skillset requirements to help you make your career decision as per your interest area and accordingly make your future learning & development plans for a successful career.

It goes to an extent where you are introduced to the world of freelancing and provides information on how could start earning money from home by taking up freelance projects using the most popular freelancing websites.

Now, do we really need to make you understand the importance of these learnings for a successful career in the current online world… not required, right 🙂

The cost of knowledge we get from the MS-CIT course is surely invaluable.

The average price range to get all these world-class eLearning based self-learning sessions, hands-on practice sessions, academic interactions, assessments, and collaboration included in a single course will be approx. ₹15,000 to ₹25,000.

But the MKCL gives us all at a nominal fee of just ₹6,000 (all inclusive) 😀


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