Now Basic Computer Course Not Enough for a Job, The Time’s Changed

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We all do remember a time when once SSC/HSC exams gets over, all the students used to visit their nearby computer training institute and enrol for a basic computer course 😉

Computer was a new toy in the town, and everyone then wanted to play around with it. Slowly & steadily, it got into the business processes and now there’s no single office without a computer.

No matter what the nature of business, a computer to manage the operations is necessary.

Well until very recently a basic computer knowledge landed a person for a job with a handsome pay scale but not now.

The time is changed!

The global pandemic situation forced every business to enter the digital world including the general grocery store vendor.

Also, the growing BPM industry & similar office workforce was forced to work from home.

Everyone got the urgency to learn everything about the online technologies available out there.

The current situation now expects the candidate to not just walk-in the office for a specific duration of hours to do their job. But a need to be available round the clock is the ask.

And to survive in the digital economy now one needs to have the advanced skills of collaborating online with the knowledge of the suite of digital tools such as Google’s Workspace and Microsoft’s Office 365.

You need to know about hardware to get things right if you are working from home and there’s no IT person available to attend your system’s minor hardware issues.

Operating system & other daily use software applications knowledge and good English communication is required for sure but that is something which is an employer’s obvious expectations from a candidate.

However, if a candidate has advanced & deep knowledge of such applications and is also skilled with industry best practices related to the job profile then that person has a clear additional benefit of value add to the company and is more likely to standout of the overcrowded job applications.

So, don’t get yourself enrolled into a basic computer course but find a world-class comprehensive computer course that will cater to the current career requirements of the world.

One such course is MKCL‘s MS-CIT… the most popular IT Literacy computer course.

MS-CIT attempts to propagate IT Awareness, Literacy, Functionality and Applicability to bridge the Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide and Development Opportunity Divide. This surely makes a positive impact on job-readiness, social behaviour, and boosts self-confidence, enabling the learner to work effectively in the 21st Century workplace.

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