Dear Parents, DO NOT Depend on the I.T. or Digital Skills taught in Schools/Colleges or YouTube Videos for the Successful Career of Your Children 🧐

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In today’s job market, it is not enough to have a basic knowledge of information technology and digital skills. The competition is fierce, and employers are looking for individuals who possess specific technical skills that are essential for their industry. With the advent of technology and automation, individuals who lack such technical expertise may find it difficult to get the right job, or may not be as productive in their roles as they could be 🧐

Therefore, parents need to understand that schools and colleges only provide a basic understanding of technology, but specialised courses are necessary to develop a thorough understanding and gain proficiency in specific technical skills 🤨

Here are some of the courses that can help your child become proficient in specific technical skills:

1️⃣ Advanced Excel Course: In today’s data-driven world, individuals who lack Excel skills are at a significant disadvantage. An Advanced Excel course can help one develop skills ranging from basic data manipulation to complex formulae and macros. “The Advanced Excel course offered by Digital Guru Computer Training Institute is an excellent course that teaches students everything they need to know about Excel. It covers topics such as advanced formulae and functions, Macros, Data analysis, and Visualization. With each module comprising of practical exercises, students attain mastery over the subject.” CLICK HERE for more information.

2️⃣ Tally Prime with GST Course: Tally Prime is the most popular accounting software in India, and the Tally Prime with GST course teaches students how to use Tally Prime for accounting, inventory management, and GST compliance. This course ensures that students receive a thorough understanding of Tally Prime, making them proficient in carrying out necessary accounting tasks with ease. CLICK HERE for more information.

3️⃣ English Course: Good communication skills are vital for success in today’s job market. An English course provides students with the skills and confidence necessary to communicate accurately and effectively. This course covers topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Spoken English, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Skills. With the help of an English course, students can significantly improve their employability and growth prospects. CLICK HERE for more information.

4️⃣ I.T. Course: The I.T. course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Information Technology concepts. This course provides an in-depth understanding of computer applications, Networking, Web development, and Mobile App Development. The course is designed to ensure students are well-equipped with the necessary technical knowledge to excel in their careers. CLICK HERE for more information.

5️⃣ Data Entry and Data Management Course: With the digitization of data becoming more prevalent, Data Entry and Data Management have become essential skills. This course teaches students how to organize, manage, and analyze data effectively. The course comprises practical exercises and real-world case studies, making it an excellent course for mastering Data Management. WhatsApp 99300 81901 for more information.

6️⃣ BFSI Course: The BFSI course focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the BFSI sector. This course covers topics such as Banking Services, Insurance, Financial Markets, and Stock Markets. Upon completing this course, students can confidently take up job roles within the BFSI sector. CLICK HERE for more information.

7️⃣ Retail Management Course: With e-commerce platforms becoming increasingly popular, brick-and-mortar retail stores need to adapt to stay relevant. This course focuses on equipping students with the skills required to manage retail stores effectively. The course covers topics such as Customer Service, Visual Merchandising, Inventory Management, and Sales Management. Students who complete this course are well-equipped to work in retail management roles. WhatsApp 99300 81901 for more information.

8️⃣ Office Assistance Course: The Office Assistance course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills required to support and assist office operations effectively. The course covers topics such as Office Etiquette, Office Administration, Telephone Etiquette, and Time Management. With this course, students can develop the skills necessary to provide administrative assistance in office settings. WhatsApp 99300 81901 for more information.

In conclusion, enrolling your child on a specialised I.T. course can open up several job opportunities and make them proficient in specific IT skills.

The courses offered by Digital Guru Computer Training Institute are specially designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for professional success.

We award with Government Recognised Certification after successful course completion, so do not wait any longer, register your child for a Digital Guru Computer Training Institute’s online course today, and witness their growth and development for a successful career.

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