Personality Development Counselling Sessions


We all remember the Baba Ranchhoddas dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots, “Kaabil bano, kaamyaabi jhak maarke peeche aayegi!

Being capable or competent will ensure success. However, to be competent, continuous learning is important.

The youth today is very smart though they tend to find effortless ways to succeed.

Making them understand the actual meaning of success, the importance of setting goals and identifying own strengths to achieve them is the need of the hour.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) in association with reputed psychiatrist expert, Dr. Anand Nadkarni’s Institute of Psychological Health (IPH), has produced FREE Personality Development Counselling Sessions for the students of MS-CIT & KLiC Courses.

These video counselling sessions include interactive activities that will help students to understand –

  • What is success
  • How to identify yourself
  • How to create your own image
  • How to identify your own strengths
  • How to set goals & much more

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