Let your children enter the world of coding & enhance their logical thinking skills

Scratch Coding

Children will develop the most important success skills like Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Grit, Confidence & Communication

SCRATCH is free visual programming language. You will learn how to create your own interactive stories, amazing games, animated images and songs in just minutes with a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface. No programming knowledge needed. You can also share your creations with others in the online community.

SCRATCH helps you to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. This course is suitable for all ages. It doesn’t matter how old you are… So, Get Ready for Exciting Journey in the World of SCRATCH…!!!

SCRATCH’s networking infrastructure, coupled with its multilingual capabilities, enables youth to share their digital-arts creations with other youth across geographic, language, and cultural boundaries.

The skills learnt through SCRATCH can be applied to other basic programming languages like Python and Java.

SCRATCH flexibility allows teachers to create conceptual and visual lessons and science lab assignments. Within the social sciences, instructors can create quizzes, games and tutorials that stimulate the mind and interact with the learner.

Sample Animation Created in SCRATCH

Coding Syllabus included in this course are usually priced at ₹10,000

Our SCRATCH Programming Course Offer Fees

₹2,497 Only 

Here's What All Kids Will Learn to Create using SCRATCH

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Sample Lesson Video

Skills: Computational skills and programming concepts (like sequences, iteration, conditionals, variables, and data structures), problem-solving, project-design skills like reasoning logically, debugging problems, developing ideas from primary concepts to final completed project, and concentration & focus.

Outputs: Creating Animations, Interactive Stories, Games, Shooting Game, Aquarium, Dancing Queen, Greeting Card, Whirling Crab

Course Syllabus

  • What are Visual Editors?
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • The Scratch User Interface
  • Dancing is also a Program!
  • Step-by-Step
  • Some Steps Further
  • Case Study – Aquarium
  • Planning a Project
  • Creating an Interactive Project
  • Case Study – Greeting card
  • Performing Scripts
  • Build a Band
  • Pink Circle, Blue Square
  • Animation Projects
  • Case Study – Colorful Parrot
  • Characters
  • Conversations and Scenes
  • Case Study – Dancing Queen
  • Creature Creation
  • Case Study – Dialogue
  • Starter Games
  • Scores and timing
  • Case Study – Creating Your Own Sprite
  • Case Study – Whirling Crab
  • Cloning
  • Video Sensing
  • Case Study – Emotions
  • Case Study – Electrical Circuit
  • Setting up a Scratch Account
  • Creating an Online Project
  • Exploring Online Projects
  • Scratch Studios
Shooting Game
Shooting Game

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